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Cardiovascular and metabolic disorders are very common due to the standard American diet and lack of activity.  These conditions can prevented and generally treated by changes in diet and exercise, although that is easier said than done.  Our doctors will help you with behavior changes as well as providing natural   support for blood sugar regulation, lowering cholesterol, managing high blood pressure, and assessing and correcting hormone imbalances.

Cardio-metabolic Concerns

  •  Atherosclerosis

  •  High Blood Pressure

  •  High Cholesterol

  •  Metabolic Syndrome

  •  Insulin Resistance

  •  Diabetes/Pre-diabetes

  •  Fatty Liver Disease

  •  Obesity

  •  Men's Health (the above conditions are contributing factors in low testosterone, low libido, and erectile dysfunction)

Natural Herbs

Integrating Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

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