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Dr. George Hudson, ND

Dr. George Hudson, ND, MS

Mental Health   

  • Anxiety, Trauma, and Sleep Disorders

  • ADD/ADHD, Focus, and Attention 

  • Addiction Recovery Support   

  • Methylation and Nutrition Imbalances  

Sport and Physical Performance  

  • Stress and Autonomic Regulation 

  • Mindset Training

  • Optimizing Rest and Recovery 

  • Fatigue and Adrenal Dysfunction

Men's Health

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Sexual Performance 

  • Cardiovascular Health 

  • Metabolic Health

Breathwork and Mindfulness

My Story

Dr. George is an experienced coach, counselor, and naturopathic doctor.  His personal and professional experience in movement, physical training, meditation, mindfulness, and mind-body exercise surpasses 35 years. Throughout that time breathing, mindfulness, and mind-body practices have been integral to his approach to training and care. While the first half of his career focused on exercise and physical performance, the latter half has been oriented toward health and wellness.  While primary focus during this time has been on treating stress, anxiety, trauma, attention, and emotional disorders, Dr. George also has a strong interest in supporting men's health across the lifespan.  This is a professional goal that grew from personal experiences.          

When working with clients on mind-body training (breathing and mindfulness), Dr. George's goal is to empower them with knowledge and skills for self-care and growth. This is an experiential and collaborative effort  that requires time, patience, and commitment from both parties. To do this, he assess your goals, physical condition, health concerns, and medical history, as well as evaluating your breathing and autonomic nervous system function.  His intent is to provide individualized training and supportive therapies that account for all these considerations.  Dr. George helps his clients create a personal and sustainable mindful breathing practice for greater well-being, emotional resilience, performance, vitality, and quality of life. 

For male patients, Dr. George takes a different, although equally thorough and individualized approach.  This typically starts with baseline labs to asses cardiovascular, metabolic, blood sugar, and hormones function, including testosterone, adrenal, and thyroid levels.  These assessments are considered within the context of your concerns and goals.  Working with all this information, Dr. George works with his patients to develop ad implement a holistic plan of care for optimal physical and emotional health.  This may include education, lifestyle considerations, nutrient and herbal support, and hormonal therapies when needed.  An individualized and sustainable health plan is the end goal.  ​

Meet with Dr. Hudson

I look forward to our collaboration on your path to optimal health and well-being !  

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