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About the Doctors

Our doctors have over 30 years combined practice in naturopathic medicine, with additional experience in allied fields including counseling, midwifery, fitness, and acupuncture.  Individually, we provide excellent and comprehensive whole-person care, using  naturopathic and functional medicine therapies and perspectives.  Collectively, we are able to pool our knowledge and experience in a collaborative manner in challenging cases.  In addition, we have clear knowledge of our complimentary specialties and are able to share care responsibilities when it is in the patient's best interest and they consent to this option. Although you will be paired with your preferred provider, remember that you have an experienced team on your side as well.       

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Dr. Jamie Brinkley, ND

Dr. Magda Peronel, ND

Dr. George Hudson, ND, MS

Naturopathic and Functional Integration

While all treatment plans are individualized to your needs, we have a framework for treatment that integrates naturopathic and functional medicine strategies. Naturopathic care focuses on treating the whole-person. It does this by activating their inherent healing, including the endocrine, immune, and autonomic nervous systems. Functional medicine focuses on understanding condition-specific biochemical pathways.  The goal is to correct targeted deficiencies or imbalances and optimize these functions in a natural manner.  While both strategies individually yield positive results, the  complimentary effects are even more powerful.

Therapeutic Methods


  • Patient Education (lifestyle and behavioral factors)

  • Nutrition (food and supplementation)

  • Exercise and movement

  • Stress management and regulation

  • Sleep and recovery

  • Detoxication 

Targeted Treatments

  • Herbal medicines

  • Therapeutic nutrient supplementation

  • Food sensitivity testing and elimination

  • Hormone testing, balancing, and replacement

  • GI testing and gut flora rebalancing 

  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy 

Natural Herbs

Integrating Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

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