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Mental and Emotional Health

  •  Addiction supportive therapies

  •  Anxiety/OCD


  •  Bipolar Disorder

  •  Depression

  •  Sleep disorders/Insomnia

  •  Panic attacks

  •  PTSD/Trauma

  •  Stress Reduction 

Mental and emotional health challenges are complicated as they involve multiple systems.   We take a comprehensive approach anchored in autonomic regulation, stress reduction, and improving emotional resilience.  Dr. Hudson specializes in mind-body training to help patients develop these skills.  In addition, we evaluate brain neurotransmitter biochemistry, adrenal function, hormone regulation, and gut health as well.  Natural approaches to support all of these are addressed  to meet individual needs, as either alternatives, or compliments to conventional medicines.          

Natural Herbs

Integrating Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

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